Thursday, April 28, 2011

Time for Some New Systems

On Tuesday of this week, I had one of those days. The kind that started at 3 AM with a sick kiddo, the kind that found some sort of ants on steroids looking bugs infesting the playroom, a broken glass, and a bad report from the veterinarian. It was the kind of day that left me feeling very out of control.

So I decided that I would do something to feel like I gained that control back - set up some organized systems for our lives (focusing especially on's right around the corner!). So starting next week I will be sharing what I learned and came up with. Here is the plan:

Monday- Our completed command center
Tuesday- Our summer essentials basket
Wednesday- Stocking a natural first aid kit
Thursday- Organizing the car part 1
Friday- Organizing the car part 2 (packing for a road trip)

Here is a little preview of a new tool I have that has made a huge difference:


I hope you'll join me next week as we get organized for summer!

Anyone else have a way to deal when they feel out of control? I'd love to hear about it!



  1. Hi Griffin,
    I can totally relate to your day you had the other day, I had a few of them just like it a few weeks ago, so many negative things were happening that it was making me feel very down and defeated. I was letting everything get to me. Then all of a sudden something made me look at the good that was happening.. for eg. selling our car. we knew the price we wanted then only to discover the head gasket was blown so we lost $2000 on the sale, and the same night my 2.5y/o son had a few seizures and ended up in hospital... I didn't let it get to me (normally I would just break down) I figured hey the cars broken we need the money, get rid of it, and with my son, I was happy he was discharged and he's ok :)

    I know it's not an organising hint as such, but stepping back and taking a look at positives is a great way to help... granted it's hard to do, Í've only just learnt myself lol...

    But it's great u've got ur mind set on getting things organised, and I love ur plan on what ur doing, I too need to get my command centre under way :)

    And I love ur car organiser, We really need one of them.

  2. looking forward to what you're going to share.

    I've been thinking a lot about how to organize for the summer too